Hellobands is a promotional/ticketing platform that brings promoters and artists closer together in the promotion of events and selling of tickets.

Everyone wants the same from an event - a busy venue, fair remuneration and ongoing working relationships. Unlike other platforms, we give artists a login and profile page, then let promoters allocate you tickets to their events. In simple terms this means you can sell tickets alongside promoters and directly to fans, view your sales figures and take payment directly from Hellobands at the rate you've agreed with your promoter.

Promoters love working with proactive artists and you benefit from transparent ticketing and undisputed payments.

Furthermore, all Hellobands events are submitted to Time Out, The Guardian, The Times, Localworld, Trinity Mirror, Press Association and many more (3 week lead time required) - so list an event with us and we'll do half the promotional work for you.

How does Hellobands work for me?

Add listings to your profile and invite promoters to allocate you tickets

- Once allocated; sell tickets and track sales. We'll pay you directly, at the rate you've agreed with your promoter
- OR be the promoter yourself: create your own bills, set ticket prices and venue details.
- All your listings will be submitted to Time Out, Guardian, Times + many more (3wks lead time)
- Protect yourself from unscrupulous event organisers and "miscalculated" door numbers!
-Allocate tickets to your artists, to sell directly to their fans on your behalf
- Define artist payment terms per ticket sold, or bypass this feature to pay flat fees
-All your listings will be submitted to Time Out, Guardian, Times + many more (3wks lead time)
- Keep track of ticket sales and revenue streams
- Promote event pages to Facebook, Twitter, G+ and more.
- Support unsigned acts - know that they're getting paid directly by Hellobands, for every ticket you buy
- Follow your favourite bands; get notified when they're next playing
- Discover new music based on your other music trends and genres
- Invite friends to events and buy multiple tickets as gifts
- Add events to your calendar

Add your gig

What if the promoter doesn't want to use Hellobands? No problem - your event will still show on your profile, but tickets won't go be available until the promoter has accepted the Hellobands event, through the email invite we'll send (see step 2!)
I was directed to Hellobands through a promoter event invite. So you're one step ahead and didn't need to use the above buttons. A promoter has set up an event and added you to it - the event will appear on your listings and you're ready to sell tickets. Click here to see how it works for promoters.
Using any of the buttons we've conveniently sprawled across your profile page.

Add your promoter

What happens when I add a promoter? They'll get an email invite to your event - tickets will only go on sale if/when they accept that invite, so you'll never be selling tickets against their will.
What if the promoter doesn't accept the gig? Your event will still appear on your listings, but not on the Hellobands homepage and tickets won't go on sale. If you're busting to sell tickets through Hellobands, you'll need to contact the promoter directly and give them a nudge to authorise the event.
What's a "self promoted show"? If you're running the event without a promoter and have organised it directly with the venue - tick the check box, and you'll then be able to add other artists, ticket prices and promo codes to your event. You'll take on the role of promoter yourself. Click here to see how it works for promoters.
Add some basic details about your gig. You'll also be asked to add the promoter of your event - you can either select yourself if it's a self promoted show, or add the name of the promoter you've arranged the show with.

Sell tickets and get paid

How will Hellobands credit the ticket to me? Click an event on your profile and check the event page URL that you're directed to - it'll look something like - the block capitals at the end, are your specific Hellobands token. Any event that's on your profile page, will contain a similar token that Hellobands recognises as you - so direct people to your profile, or use the "Share" buttons on any of your event pages, and Hellobands will credit any resulting ticket sales to you.
No way?! Yep! We've tried to break it, but the system's solid! Drop us an email if you'd like us to set up a dummy event so you can test the system.
Once your promoter confirms the event, every ticket sold through your profile page, OR the various "Share" links on your event page, will be accredited to you. We'll then pay you directly, for every ticket you sell, at the rate you've agreed with your promoter. You can check this rate and your sales figures through your event page.

Hellobands Club Nights

Artists take 100% of their advanced ticket sales through Hellobands, whilst we donate all on-the-night door sales to Nordoff Robbins, or the charity of their choice.

Monthly Wednesdays at The Old Queens Head // Thursdays at The Slaughtered Lamb.

Reply for more info...

Got questions??
Jump onto our support forum for FAQs, or ping us an email if you still need convincing. We can even set up a dummy event for you if you'd like to test the system??